Thursday, February 17, 2011

The night I met Tupac Shakur (2pac) in Hawaii.

"if Martin Luther King Jr had died when he was 25, he would have been a struggling Black Baptist minister; if Malcolm X had died at 25 he would have been a street hustler; and if I had died at 25 I would have been a struggling trumpet player—"

Quincy Jones

Tupac's Wiki

Why the beer? It's integral to the story in my mind. I always connect the two (meeting 2pac and Red Dog.) Which apparently almost died as a brand? It was popular in Hawaii at the time of 2pac's visit and I almost missed meeting him because I wanted to drink some..any way..later

Just being a resident of Waikiki means your gonna see famous people a lot. The fact that I was 15 and delivering Pizza's to 20-40 different spots in an around Waikiki made me more exposed to that. Someday I'll try and list em all. The famous Japanese people were identifiable because Japanese people and Japanese cameramen would be surrounding them. Only Japanese people. I could never list them because I had NO fucking clue as to who they were. Waikiki is apparently popular with Japanese talents because those Japanese fan mobs were a common sight.

I worked at a place called Simone's Pizza. It was on Kapahulu ave at the end of the strip that had Diamond Head Video. It is now a Safeway....fuck! Karaoke Hut is still across the street though!!

Here is a review from around this time. It was raw. Lottsa swearing and pushing. Note the reviewers comments about the atmosphere..I just found this CLASSIC item

Info on 2pac's visit to Hawaii is VERY limited. I have left messages on Hawaii web forums and it was so long ago (1996) that most people don't remember much. I remember him doing a promo add for a local radio station that they played off and on for years. What radio station plays the 2pac "shouting them out" promo? I don't remember but hopefully someone from Hawaii remembers and hits this post.

Unlikely?? No. Like I said the info about the Hawaii trip is amazingly small. My post will be seen. If you remember anything please leave a comment..Mahalo's in advance.

I had done a double shift which meant I didn't have to help clean so I could just go get the beers and prep for the after party (a nightly tradition at Simone's Pizza) and roll some doobs in the upstairs bathroom and just chill. waiting for the rest of the crew.

Then Lee comes out and asks me if I can deliver one more so they can clean up faster. Late calls and the boss fucking shit up for 8 bucks..fuck. I tried to sell the delivery to Andrew ( I give him $3 plus he gets the delivery money and any tip) but he was already drinking Red Dogs while I rolled joints so it was mine.

FUCK!! I REALLY wanted to relax since I had been working since the morning and everyone else still there was Dinner shift. I was dead fucking tired.

So off I go to a place on Kona st. Behind Ala Moana shopping Center but on the Restaurant row side. The delivery ticket had an address which is useless at night and at clubs. (Just write the name of the fucking club ..I'm thinking as I look.)

Was it a strip club? Misty's? I know they went to the Rumours night club at the Ala Moana Hotel later but that's not where I went for sure.

I parked my Explorer and a crowd was coming out at that moment. The note said "Give to doorman" I sometimes couldn't enter places so the doorman/bouncer would pay.
As I'm walking up, a buncha brothers (not so common a sight) come bouncing outta the club.
A brother about my size (height) comes right up to me laughing and says something like "is that my pizza?"

He was having a fucking ball apparently and was all hyped up but with a good vibe. No trouble tension just "I'm in Hawaii mother fukaz!!" type thing.

As the bouncer reached in to grab it I suddenly realized who he was and he seemed to be happy with that. (They know me out in the He brushed by me laughing and I was kinda blown away but I was so fucking tired I just raced back and grabbed more Red Dog's cuz I was sure everyone already started.

The only other co worker who was into Hiphop was Ram and he was chillin back in Waianae that night. I told everyone who I just saw and they were...they were into Rock and shit, so it would be like some redneck saying to me he had just seen Garth Brooks big fucking deal.

That's the story as best I can remember and I thought a lot before this post.

A few months later I heard Pac had been shot in Vegas. I thought he'd make it like he did back in N.Y. but he died on a Friday the 13th. He kept trying to get outta bed (scared of his "enemies" and the police) so they put him in a drug induced coma. Bad idea, and he never recovered.

I was big time into Scarface and the Geto Boys and Too Short when I met him. I was actually just starting to listen to Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z
which was so fucking raw and it stroked my 15" subs somethin mean!!

This ain't from that disc and I really dig the stuff produced up until when he died but this has a good beat and cool montage.


I got all fucked up in a lot of ways but made hella cash soon after he passed. It became a non topic in my drama filled life. (other posts)
Not until 1999 did I really mention it and it was on the net. About the time of my first internet experience. (just arrived in Japan for escape from drama pt1) I immediately hit a place called Rap music dot com or Hip Hop dot com. I brought up my story and got forum flamed by a buncha people who said 2pac had not even visited Hawaii (I should go suck on a coconut etc etc...). I went ballistic and got ip banned. (arguing on forums is pointless...I'll never learn) I got an email saying my rights were restored and when I signed in I had a PM.

I got a mail from MOPREME. 2pac's 1/2 brother (he said so and got me unbanned because he knew who was running the site) who said his brother loved Hawaii and thanked me for "lookin out" and "keep spreadin' the word"
Near the end of that year a disc called STILL I RISEcame out and it had Hawaii pics inside for some reason. I got back on the boards screamin' like a moron and callin everyone punk asses etc etc. (got banned again and never returned).
Dumb forum flaming but I had a I fired on their bitch asses.

Odds N ends

1. In October 1993 2pac shot 2 off duty cops in Atlanta. The public story was odd and the off duty officers were carrying weapons they took out of the evidence room. The whole thing was a set-up and 2pac became CONVINCED the police were out to get him because they were. ALL CHARGES were dropped. Young black anti cop rappin police basher shoots 2 and he gets away scot free with nothing? This is a thing that doesn't get mentioned much but was the fuel for the justified paranoia.

Everything his Black Panther Mom had taught him about the "system" was confirmed that night. The cops tried to whack him. They were using guns taken from their police evidence room that were not signed out (why the cops couldn't nail his black ass....they had no believable explanation of why they would do it was dropped) seems they were gonna lay blame elsewhere after killing 2pac but pac had a pistol and returned fire and this whole assassination attempt went south. Really trippy episode that gets little spin because of the East coast West coast war.

2. Antoine Fuqua who directed Training Day is casting a film about 2pac and I hope 2pac's Mom stays the fuck away from this. She has continued to sanitize her son. He was a complex character and that's why he is an influence to almost every rapper around. The statue at TASF is ridiculous and so is the official website. Let history Judge him and stop trying to rewrite it Afeni. Back the fuck away. PLEASE don't get in the way of Mr Fuqua's directing....please.

3.Anyone with info about pacs stay would be welcomed. It is virtually uncovered and mentioned...almost everywhere so if any Old Skool O.G.'s from Hawaii with knowledge hit this post please add to it..Mahalo's again!

I met 2pac in Hawaii. I met a lot of peeps in Waikiki but this is the one that I remember most. Any questions or comments are welcome.

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Thanks 2 Chris 4 this pic from Hawaii that i had never seen!! Big ups my man!!