Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Japan Bloggers..This is a "415" in progress.


PhotobucketSometimes things change so slowly you can barely perceive their movement. Other times it happens so fast.. you feel like you missed it...the "moment"... it all changed.

As I type this... a "rage of a post" has yielded 101 total comments including my responses. Man...times change.

I remember a day when I couldn't even get my comments accepted by most of the popular Japan blogs of the time. I wasn't known except for a School blog. But I was known for pointing shit out in a sometimes very uncomfortable way. I wanted to start a conversation and have a debate on what seemed to be absolutely 1 sided discussions of everybody talking about shit without any feeling. Personal deep observations were very hard to find. I was reduced to commenting on sites that sucked and were administered by people with their finger on the moderate button.

It was like being in another galaxy...not just another country. These expats...are they REALLY from other countries? Why are they trying so hard to be Japanese? Coming from Hawaii I know well what it's like to absorb the good things from different cultures to enhance yourself but....this was different.

A good portion of the bloggers are short timers. They do a 2-4 year bit and then fly back home. Around 2004 when Bush was re-elected and I was opening my School, there was a very strong anti-American sentiment. American expats were crying about how terrible their country was and how they wanted to move to Canada. I hope they stayed in Canada or wherever the fuck they went to.

Stupid folk buy tickets and travel and stuff!

****I remember watching CNN live from Japan as the reality of Bush getting a 2nd term sank in..live...the anchors were visibly upset. Any illusion of non bias reporting evaporated right infront of me.  I felt like I was watching a rare unscripted moment where everything goes so wrong no one even tries to pretend otherwise...they are too busy being human...shocked. Looking back on that... the ridiculously friendly reporting on post earthquake Japan shouldn't have been a surprise. Claims of "No looting in Japan" were so bizzare because they were so false and just a look at some local print media showed that. Japan naturally hesitated to be put in a bad light but they were being helped along quite overwhelmingly by the world's mass media. Considering the Political instability just prior to the earthquake/tsunami it was predictable that the Government would fail and it would be a literal struggle for survival for some. No shame in trying to survive when everything around you is absolutely flipped upside down....the media...they were just international fan boys and fan girls with cameras and microphones.****

It was the "Super-sized" version of what I had been seeing locally for years.

JapS*c was a site where people gathered to suck each others "Japan Sugoi" dicks. A story about a maid cafe or inflatable fuck dolls was cool but Neil Duckett's "Babe of the Week" was savaged because he wasn't one of them. He was supposedly exploiting J-babes..Gravuer Idols...exploiting idols...that was rich!!

I knew the bell had tolled when they let the inmates run the asylum by voting enough times they could bury any post they wanted.

I ripped into a buncha hypocritical posters with cold hard facts (copy and pasting their own words) and I became "persona non fucking welcoma" My password suddenly became "incorrect" and my mail to Nick was never answered...O.K., got it. You dumb fucks are tired of being beaten on with "fact bats" It was time to go

**Goodbye Shit site**

Aaaaaah ha ha ha !!!


Neil went back to Aussieland and I was left wandering through a sea of shit...recycled, re-vomited posts about well...not much. Then I remembered one of the only sites from the cess pool that struck me...

Loco in Yokohama

He wrote about different shit....real shit...stuff that required thought. I was so happy just to read his stuff I minded my P's and Q's until one day I set the "me" in me free.

Typical J-blogging protocol was to be banned or have my comments edited or deleted. But not this time...nope....the next day I could still see the site...No I.P. ban... I could still comment? Yup....he musta missed my comment?? Nope. I was allowed to....express myself...imagine that, a comment section where I could comment...It took a while to find a balance...make a point without threatening physical violence...just let the words speak...the smart will see...the others....you just can't afford to care cuz when you let the unseeing under your skin it is hard to dig out...like a fucking tick.

But the "Pushback" had begun..

I eventually decided to put myself and my interesting experiences on a site...this site. It was just in time...a rift between me and Loco...ever so slight...but perceptible had developed. My big mouth had caused it.  The early times of this site and it's relationship to Loco's was about like this:

Bone: You got us twisted, homey. You got to put your own work in around here.

Alonzo Harris:
 All right, it's like that, Bone?

 It's like that.

**Training Day**

I have recently been treated to the man's presence. Considering that he and his site and his open mod system were the inspiration for my site...it is a most welcome development.
He was the inventor of the "Pushback". He was the only one I saw saying.."hey..I ain't seeing all the happy shit 24/7...I'm seein'_____".  The most extreme of the Japanophiles could see he wasn't one of them. He wasn't suckin the J-cock correctly....he was bein' critical??....you can't do that!!

Didn't anyone show Loco the rule book?

Does anyone have a rule book?

Can someone please show this  man the J-blogging rule book before he fucks shit up!!

But it was too late!!

Release the hounds!!!

The "Pushback" was growing..

The member sites of Raw Like Sushi represent a once scattered unconnected group of fully opinionated bloggers in Japan. It will be trimmed and added to when appropriate but it will be a permanent road sign on the J blogger map. If someone lands on that site they have landed on several great sites and from there they can do what they like. Comment, add to their roll whichever site they like and enjoy. You will never get to vote...who are you? Your not on some new itty bitty shitty committee.  I'll dress it up a bit but other than that it's just a map to the best sites in Japan.

The posts and sites about Super and Happy and Awesome Japan will always be more numerous because it's easy to be safe and just incase aaaaaaaanyone in the fucking world didn't know about 7-11 snacks or Kit Kats in Japan after the 10th year in a row...they will be happy to show you...again.......and again...and..a...yougetthefuckinpicture...right?

After telling everyone to go fuck themselves (sans my bg members) I fully expected some angry responses. I hadn't cited any incorrect stats or told any lies but surely I'm gonna lose some viewers.....um.....I'm looking at 101 comments?? The fuuuuuuck??

In my perfect world  a Kitkat post would get about 10 comments and a detailed multi pronged J blast would stimulate about 25...Surely I must be dreaming??

Pushed back.

The change happened so fast I hadn't even noticed until that post. The quality of bloggers in Japan has never been so good. The path that Loco burned is being walked by more bloggers than ever. All the shit and ridiculous questions he had to answer were not in vain.

Japan, in it's true glory is now finally on display. No more culture shocked ALT's crawling into an emotional shell because they never heard about____. It's all here now. The good, the Bad, and the Ugly. How far down the rabbit hole do you wanna go?

If you ever wondered whether or not your personal unique opinion which might be different from others would be a death nail for your blogs coffin, remember this. I tried with all my might to snap this blogs neck but it didn't happen because the viewers are too smart...too deep....they get it.  There are too many good blogs..too many intelligent commenters for it ever to devolve into the incestuous one dimensional bizzaro world it once was. It'll never be that way again. It's O.K., you can come out now...the war is over.

Seriously...you can come out now.... got your back.

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