Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Real Japanese Otaku ( in the "wild")

I know..
I know....
What gave it away??
My "Geekdar" spotted this one relatively easy :)

(it would have to be broken not to ;)  )

Click to enlarge....

How many girls have ever sat in that passengers seat?  Seriously. The girl I was with (Japanese) was laughing and thought it and he were a joke.

I was thinking...."there is a girl...looks young....with her legs spread on the side of a car on a public road and if I had a daughter ...and she were in the car I might feel a bit unamused in fact I'm sure I'd be peeved at the whole thing.

 On a bad day for him, on a back road,..... I'd fuck his face with my fist.

What folks do in private is none of my fucking business but some geek with a soft porn display on his ride seems to be pushing it. 

Kissing in public in Japan is still not considered to be polite or considerate to those around you (in rural areas anyway) but this is alright?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Oddz N' Endz

1. I really wonder if any chick who wasn't doing it for her job...would ever go on a date with this as the ride of choice?

2. I had another post titled "Killing Japs with Japanese kids" lined up but this "geek in the wild" sighting was too good to ignore.

3. The most commented post ever on this site was about child porn in Japan and I this not too much? The sexploitation, bigger than life size...of an obviously young female in I overreacting or is everyone down with a bad case of the "shoganais"??