Monday, November 14, 2011

Japan could be worse...

It could be China..

I'm not gonna warn anyone to not watch it cuz everyone should.
Apathy and ignorance is why this happened.
Never heard if the first guy that practically tripped over her while he walked around her ever got hanged in public or charged with failure to render aid.

Actually, to be honest, I have zero Korean friends, a couple part Japanese friends but several Chinese friends back in Hawaii. They always worked hard and never bitched and that's unlike the Japanese and Koreans who constantly whined and bitched.

The Japanese have a special ring of Hell reserved for the Chinese. It's a complex I think? They were particularly vicious in Manchuria and the "Rape of Nanking" . Lot going on there (the cultural complexes) that I'll never's an Asian thing..

But I digress..

Most ALT's are not worth a cup of piss in my opinion but it's interesting to note that everyone that has taught in China and Japan... to a person....has said China is filthy, the toilets are epic in there disgustingness (my original word so all gRaMMar Nazi's go fuck your mothers), the racism is worse and the Chinese food back home is better than the real thing in China.

I watched the video above and actually felt good to be here in Japan.

Never thought I'd type that.

Japan is still sketchy as fuck in so many ways 

but China... 

China is on it's own fucking level of "Fucked up"

I hope everyone that walked by that little girl gets whats coming to them.
In my world a knife to the neck would do. No point in them even living.