Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Japanese women (setting the gender back 50 years)

Ancient Japanese Proverb:

A tree falls in the forrest
 and a woman hears it, 
does it make a sound? 
The real question is... 
why is there a forrest 
in the kitchen?

And we're off

This is.....fucking priceless. Japan's sexist society is not ruled by men so much as it is supported by the women. They shoot themselves in the foot. I have many adult female Japanese students and they always say "iiiiii nah" about women's right's in the west. I honestly don't know if they mean that or not because in the time that I have been in Japan this stuff just gets more and more bizzare.

Let's Rewind..
I did a post about Gay's in Japan and it was noted/received with not much interest or folks seemed to think it wasn't a problem?
Let me ask you.....What is the population of Tokyo? I'll leave the rest to you....O.K., I won't

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the largest metropolitan area of the world ...12 million plus. 2,500? That's about the capacity for a High School Gymnasium.

You get the rights that you fight for....no fights no rights.

Anyway...back to the Japanese ladies...or servants or whatever they see themselves as? If you can think of a way to objectify women there's a buncha Japanese women willing to make that idea work regardless of how demeaning it is. They get what they deserve.  I'm not a woman or Japanese or Gay but these topics fucking annoy me. People cry foul when it effects THEM but outside of that folks seem pretty apathetic.

Ancient Japanese Proverb #2

What is the useless skin around the vagina called?
The woman.

If you're a woman in Japan you feel the effects of this bullshit....daily....everywhere in almost every relationship with a local. Your not angry? That makes me angry. Sexual harassment in the workplace and in the Schools...it's all related and so is Child porn. The women do not speak up and they get what they allow. Like Child Porn it does not even seem to be a problem for most?

How do you not feel objectified when your bombarded with sexual images at the Elementary age on up and considered "old" after 25? The expiration date on women in Japan is faster than milk for fucks sake!!  WTF?

I grew up thinking women were complex characters that could hardly understand themselves much less allowing or understanding when men undersood them or at least tried...which in the complex mind of a woman is enough sometimes.

Japan is so fucked.....so completely backwards fucked up. They are not mazes they're connect the dots.