Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Suck at blogging? Get published!!!

Reachin' out 
and "touchin'" folks.
It's been too long


Some folks got "lift" and some don't...
if ya don't..don't sweat it, 
you can always be a published writer in Japan:)

Now when the "Quakebook" was being created they were asking for submissions for it. I submitted my International media driven myth ..that was "Japanese don't loot" and was told I had missed the deadline. I knew it was bullshit but ..well...fuck it.

Philip Brasor (this is a "for profit" book) ignores the reality with a single false statement

 That highlighted sentence is false. It's actually an incomplete sentence because the racism displayed by the foreign media heaped ridiculous expectations on people who were in a tough spot and they acted....human and did bad things to survive or take advantage of a bad situation but don't let the facts slow you down Philip.

RECONSTRUCTING 311...Really? It was "constructed"  while you were busy giving your fellow japanophiles reach around handjobs for doing the disinfected edited Quakebook. NOW...your trying to make your getting a little more "real" but your still a buncha clueless money chasing Japan nut huggers.

aaah J....even a broken clock is right twice a day. The fact that their organization skills are better than the Gov's and their P.R. savy is way beyond the Gov's shouldn't be confused for anything more. How's their Child Porn angle doing? Guns? Drugs? Sham marriages that allow under educated gold digging foreigners into this country? Keep blowing kisses. They shoulda ****** your dumb ass when they had a mind to.

Now they (the morons) got a thing where you gotta pay for what you used to get for free, their thoughts and opinions....that they blogged.....for free of course. Why the fuck would anyone pay for average at it's best..writing by thinned skinned Japanophiles? I don't get it?

Caroline Josephine is completely fucking nuts. Amanda, J.C,Loco, your all fucking high. If you knew how to work you wouldn't be trying to fleece your readers. A failed model (wow...surprise..I know) a couple of failed assistant teachers and you got yourself a magazine. Only in Japan.

Written 4 Loco

You mention with great eloquence ...(a lot of words)....that the observations and the reactions they generated were the source of many emotions and you got paranoid that you were not really seeing what you knew you were seeing.

Those folks...the ones who made you feel paranoid were in your comment section. You drew them out and they attacked you with often borderline if not over the line crazy logic and lunacy. I was beside myself in anger that in 2009ish so many folks were holding onto things that made no sense. Where..WHERE the fuck were they looking? Did they ride the trains? Did people leave the row of seats empty and choose to stand back home? Of course not. That comment section was an insight, perhaps the deepest into the mind of those who perpetuate the racism and fear by excusing and enabling it.

How could that...the reaction..... that brought you and other like minded viewers so much stress and opportunity .....opportunity to reply with varying degrees of anger and cold hard facts not be included? It was according to your book the source of so many "hits" that you took. Redact the names or whatever but frankly...the responses far surpassed the posts that stimulated them. You missed. Big swing...eyes closed.....can't believe you didn't wanna show the world the wall you had put infront of you again and again? The apathy, the ignorance, the enabling, the deniers ...that was the MORE interesting of the 2 halves. I saw the movie before the book came out so I'm bias.

You....I mentioned once how the "I am" series was epic and should be given it's own more prominent spot on your site and you rebuked me by saying your site was about more than just that which was aroung the time you were taking pictures of posable action figures. You migrated to Twitter and there they are....the folks that gave you so much stress....scattered along your list of friends. Now I hear that one of the dudes that talked to YOU like YOU were the retard helped design the book that lucky for him....he is not in. I do not believe that you can even produce the comments that were so thought provoking and insightful that they surpass your own writing because you were different then. The folks in your community like the things you ridiculed and spit venom on.

I thought you were awfully kind to not ban me and only now I realize it was not for me but for you. I could be the "Bad" guy while you took a break or backed away when the fire got too hot. I came in late and you were worn thin by then . I served a purpose so it was a mutually beneficial relationship.

Wishing you luck would be disingenuous . I do hope that your rewards match your efforts. If you try hard you deserve the benefits. THAT's genuine.


The truth hurts sometimes...get over'll thank me later.
Let me say "Your welcome" in advance.

Corrine for example... is a mother and she runs her own School which I do as well (only the School part) and it's hard. She has to be many things for many people  and she has a hellish schedule  but she always returned the love. It ain't about busy it's about priorities. Taking care of the "Give" in the "Give and Take" dept. is pretty high a priority in my book. Can't be there everytime but you can be there a lot of the time.
Time....that ain't an excuse that flies.

Just some one way motherfuckers. That's what we call that.


 a 20+ year old term that is now a meme? That's what...a new path to understanding? For who? Yup...ya'll on fucking drugs. LET GO OF THE LIGHTER AND STEP AWAY FROM THE PIPE!!!!!

I think ya'll are "microstickingyourheadupyourasses". It's just stupidity,ignorance and bad parenting or in Japan's case, socially accepted  and encouraged racism and fear or the unknown. All you folks with all your excuses are just fucking enablers.

So, dear readers, if you see anything pimped by Abiko Free Press or anything with Caroline Josephine's name you should stay away. It's a buncha half asses bloggers trying to get paid by you for shit they used to do for free which was never even much good before....before they wanted money for it I mean. My blogroll is filled with better reads and they are free.

If anyone doesn't like what I wrote....cheer didn't cost you a single yen.