Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Americans (Myth busting in Japan)

Bubbles.......they are made to be burst....right?


I'm about as afraid of being wrong as I am of losing a fist fight....not so much really.... If you got facts that are credible and contradict my point then....shit...I'm wrong. I am now right (thanks to you if you brought the facts to learn me) and I will move along. I marvel at folks who cannot let go and just say thanks for the knowledge. They linger around their miss and just dig holes for themselves.

Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as "my mistake" or "my fault". To emphasize the message, the adjective "maxima" may be inserted, resulting in mea maxima culpa, which would translate as "my most [grievous] fault."

Lance Armstrong is about to give his and he shoulda done it way before. Barry Bonds and Clemens will be on Oprah if this turns out well for Lance. I hated Clinton for his lies while pointing at the camera but he was a damned good President and I vote Republican....he really hurt himself by not embracing and wrapping himself in his failure...wear it like a shield so that others may not wield it as a weapon.


A view from the United Nations

A view from Japan

A view from The U.K.

National Holidays? It was ironic that a Public School teacher was arguing with me on the holiday called "Coming of age day"...which she did like 20 years ago..(come of age I mean) and of course  she had the day off and it's paid.

 11 or 12 long weekends plus Golden Week which includes the revered holiday called "Greenery Day"....fucking Greenery day...? All paid..2 bonuses a year and good health care....Japanese workers...poor guys and gals...they work so hard and got it so tough........./sarcasm


The reality in the average Japanese classroom made me start to reconsider what I had heard and imagined about Japan with what I was actually seeing ( if you come to Japan to teach and think the kids are well behaved and the classrooms run efficiently.....you are in for a fucking shock...I can spot "New Fish" (a new ALT) a mile away by the expression of utter confusion on their face. )
The more I looked the more it seemed like this country is in a fucking bubble which is preventing their own growth. I popped a bubble yesterday and it cost me a student but that's a small price to pay .

Not only is the average Japanese carrying around a gross overestimation of their own reality they often have a very warped view of American workers. It took me a minute on the ipad to show her something
contradicting her view but she wasn't having it and after I noted her ipad was a product of American ingenuity she took her hand off it like it was rotten...a very odd spectacle...she coulda countered that some of the internals are made in Japan but she was lost in a haze of denial.

Is America doing o.k?...oh....oh fuck no. It's a chaotic mess but THAT is not what I'm or she was talking about.

Is a Japanese worker more productive in an 8 hour shift than their American counterparts? Man, not even close and it's the opposite to what the average Japanese believes which is part of the fucking problem.

I have lived and worked here for years and working with a Japanese person is about as fun as having teeth ripped out of your head. I went to a meeting once to discuss the next meeting.......I'm not joking. I sat with my hands on my head and asked the woman next to me..A Japan American Society member if we really just had a meeting about the next meeting and if the dude across from me wants to supply the rice why doesn't he ask?

"He is older than you so he wants you to respect him by asking him" she whispered loud enough for him to hear so he knew she was working for him.....

Oh yeah......welcome to Japan!!